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'Grace of Monaco' Pulled from March 2014 Release for Cannes Premiere

Stay tuned.
Tweet. 'Grace of Monaco' Pulled via March 2014 click visit Launch with regard to Cannes Premiere | FirstShowing.net
Grace of Monaco
January 24, 2014

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'Grace regarding Monaco' Pulled through March 2014 Launch for Cannes Premiere

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by Ethan Anderton
Source: Variety
Briefly: Following originally being slated to have got an awards season release final year, The Actual Weinstein company made a decision to delay Grace of Monaco starring Nicole Kidman into a March 14th launch this season instead. The Actual film had previously seen a teaser trailer launched final year, however now it appears we''ll become waiting even lengthier prior to we start to see the film. However, Selection now reviews your film is getting taken off the launch calendar yet again, as well as The Actual Weinstein Business will unveil it from Cannes instead. However, the particular trade websites in which director Olivier Dahan has been clashing publicly check this out with almost all the production business more than your biopic more than "unreasonable cuts," that ought to sound familiar to anybody awaiting your relieve Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer

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