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Front Desk receives $4 million in Series A funding

and Model 1 Ventures' Boris Wertz will possibly be becoming a member of your Front Desk board associated with directors.

Front Desk launched less than a 12 months in your past as well as focuses on personal solutions like gyms, tour operators, music schools, tutoring centers, etc.

Front Desk is really a software-as-a-service which includes raised $4 million inside Series Any funding. This round of funding had been led by simply Floodgate using participation through existing investors 2nd avenue Partners, Edition 1 Ventures, and Expedia founder/Zillow co-founder Rich Barton.
Front Desk receives $4 million throughout Series A New funding

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[Source: TechCrunch]
Front Desk provides raised a new total associated with $7.2 million. Floodgate's Mike Maples, Jr. The Particular business works with around 1,000 companies within twenty countries about their platform.

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