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Shep Smith Travels to Ukraine to Look at What Crimea Is Really Like Right Now

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[photo by method of screengrab]

Shep Smith Travels for you to Ukraine to look at Just what Crimea is Really like Today | Mediaite

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Fox News' Shepard Smith traveled to end up being able to Crimea and also filed any document these days in exactly what every day life is similar to for individuals there right now. Along With the large takeaway is that although issues "seem better" and relatively normal, Russia even now includes a hang on "every strategic situation there" and thus will carry on to hold the upper hand.
As for the optics, Smith noted European hesitance to obtain aboard for sanctions, therefore "Putin will nearly all likely tiptoe away from this without shots fired" while Europe as well as the West "look helpless."

Watch the actual video below, through Fox News:
Smith even got cameras with a Ukranian naval station in which Russian troops shemalechat took over, exactly where folks are not necessarily permitted to send food or provides with their family members inside, and now your creating has become a "tourist attraction."

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He confirmed how with edinburgh airport gate inside Crimea, there is scotch tape holding up the Russian flag. Smith said, "The changes are usually subtle. they tend to be not, in any way, oppressive, yet they're here." 1 Crimean woman mentioned the lady has been scared when she found Russian troops, telling Fox "I believed that it had been first involving maybe war."

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