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Pitcher plants are usually usually carnivorous, as well as meat-eaters.

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Copyright http://www.scatporn.me 2009 Gale, Cengage Learning. Since these people feast, the shrews avoid a new morsel associated with their particular in the plant's pitcher: their particular droppings.

. but researchers get found that a amount of pitcher plants in the forest canopy prey on tree-shrew poop.

"Both species benefit from your relationship," says Jonathan Moran, a biologist in Royal Roads university throughout Canada. they use their particular sweet nectar to be able to lure insects within their juglike cavities, which are filled up with digestive enzymes in which break on the bugs. This particular association, called mutualism, helps to end up being able to ensure that the tree shrew gets a meal even even though the plant gets vitamins from the animal's droppings therefore it can grow.


Squirrel-like tree shrews inside the forests associated with northwest Borneo rest around the rims regarding pitcher plants and also lick up nectar

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